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Opening a beautiful digital account is becoming a new trend of individuals and organizations today. The account number can be associated with the date of birth, the date of the wedding or the meaning of luck, fortune ...

Life is developing more and more, people's needs not only stop at "enough to eat and wear" but also to be beautiful, unique and strange. Besides looking for beautiful sim cards, beautiful number plates, many people also hunt for beautiful bank account numbers. Because, owning a beautiful account number not only makes it easy for users to remember but also shows their class and style.

Besides, it also has many feng shui meanings, bringing fortune and luck to the user. Perhaps that's why today, most banks are deploying beautiful digital account services to meet the needs of customers.

To choose the number of accounts you want, please refer to the following Top 10 banks that support opening beautiful digital accounts in 2022!

What is a good number account?

A beautiful digital account is an account that has the same function as a normal bank account number. The owner can use it to perform transactions such as: Receiving money, transferring money, paying bills… and some other functions.

However, many people believe that a beautiful account number is a sequence of numbers with a reasonable and harmonious structure that creates a special meaning. This type of account is usually provided by banks when customers open an ATM card or a payment and savings card.

What is a good number account?
What is a good number account?

There are beautiful types of digital accounts to mention such as:

  • Like a phone number.
  • The sequence of numbers is the same as the owner's date of birth.
  • The series of four quarter numbers, feng shui numbers, numbers for prosperity and fortune.
  • Easy-to-remember numbers.
  • The required sequence of numbers, the range of Vip numbers.

Opening a beautiful account number only applies to businesses, VIP customers or people with high income. This service applies to any individual who wants to open a beautiful digital account.

Why should you choose a good number account?

Nowadays, people's living standards are increasing, so the demand for beauty has also increased significantly. And so is the bank account number, a beautiful digital account will bring a lot of meaning to the user, so it is very popular.

  • A beautiful digital bank account makes it easy for users to remember, avoiding forgetting account numbers when needed. Many cases of forgetting account numbers because they are not meaningful to themselves, the numbers are not related to each other ...
  • Some banks allow customers to open beautiful account numbers by year of birth, wedding date, anniversaries, phone number... This is not only easy to remember but also helps to create a personal impression.
  • A beautiful bank account number also has a feng shui meaning to help the work go smoothly.
  • Many businesses and companies buy beautiful account numbers to increase trust when dealing with customers and partners.
  • For individual customers, the account number is the place where money-related activities are performed. Therefore, a rich account number, good feng shui will bring luck and fortune to the account holder. If the account number matches, feng shui will help the business go smoothly.

The bank that supports opening the most beautiful digital account today

In order to meet the needs of beautiful account numbers of many customers. Currently, most banks support the form of a bank account number on request. Customers can choose account numbers in the form of quarters, quarters, pairs of fortune numbers, account numbers containing date, year of birth, or meaningful numbers...

Here are the Top 10 banks that support opening beautiful digital accounts that are trusted by many customers.

Military Bank (MBBank)

MBBank is one of the banks that attracts attention in opening and giving away beautiful digital accounts to all customers. Besides the beautiful feng shui digital accounts such as four quarters, three flowers, lucky numbers, progress numbers, etc.

Military Bank (MBBank)
Military Bank (MBBank)

Military Bank also creates conditions for customers to open an account number with the same phone number. What is more remarkable is that customers will not be able to spend a penny to own this meaningful account number. Just register the application and join the program to receive the MB Bank account number according to your preference.

  • Customers can actively choose the account number according to their needs. This makes it easy to express your own personality, remember account numbers, and do business easily.
  • The fee to open a digital account is attractive, refunded if the average balance is maintained at 300 million VND or more.
  • There are many types of beautiful digital accounts such as: Four Quarter Account, Tam Hoa Account, Progressive Number Account, Lucky Number Account...
  • For beautiful feng shui account numbers, fees range from a few hundred to several million dong. As for the account number with the same phone number, MBBank gives customers 100% free.

Vietcombank bank

VietcomBank is a reputable bank, so it owns a large number of customers. Therefore, the demand for customers to own a beautiful digital account is increasing day by day. Beautiful account numbers also have the same functions as regular account numbers.

However, to own a nice account number, you should go directly to the bank to complete the registration procedure. Here, the tellers will check the digital bank, if it is still available, they will issue it to the customer. Depending on the beauty of the account number, the price also varies.

A beautiful VietcomBank account will have the following features:

  • The number sequence brings luck and convenience.
  • The cardholder's feng shui number, promotes fortune.
  • Account numbers are easy to remember, duplicate, open by phone number or date of birth.

VPBank Bank

To own a beautiful digital account that brings good luck, shows personality or is simply easy to remember… Customers only need a few minutes to register directly on VPBank website.

The launch of a beautiful digital account product integrated with eKYC technology will bring customers interesting experiences. It only takes 1 minute for customers to have a beautiful digital account to make transactions, No need to go to the bank, use the free service for life.

  • Customers can register for a free beautiful number account by date of birth, license plate ...
  • With account number four quarters, fortune - fortune... (xxxxx5555, xxxxx6868, xxxxx9999...). Customers only need to spend a very low fee, only from 1.1 million VND / beautiful digital account
  • Successfully opening a beautiful digital account, customers can own a set of free payment products including: IDC international payment card, free money transfer inside / outside the system, free withdrawal at ATMs nationwide …
  • Have the opportunity to receive many attractive gifts when making payment/spending transactions via beautiful digital accounts/IDC cards.


Tien Phong Commercial Joint Stock Bank (TPBank) applies the self-selecting account number feature for all customers on the TPBank App. Thanks to eKYC technology, customers can easily choose the account number they want.


With the message "Choose an account number - All your own", customers will show their personality in every transaction. Without having to go to the transaction office, customers can open a beautiful digital account anywhere, at any time of the day.

  • There is no need to pay any extra fees for the account number you choose yourself.
  • Choose the account number according to your preferences: According to the date of birth, anniversary or account number according to feng shui, account number of fortune, four quarters, god of fortune ...
  • Choose numbers according to the rules of the same number, progressive number, repeating number from 3 to 11 numbers.
  • Free online money transfer and more than 60 other fees.

SHB Bank

From January 25, 2021 to December 31, 2021, customers participate in the program "Go to SHB now - beautiful digital account within reach". There will be a free beautiful number account according to the date of birth, anniversaries, feng shui numbers wishing for fortune, prosperity ...

Besides, SHB is also the only bank in the market that allows customers to choose the perfect account number up to 10/10 digits. Especially, with the feature of opening a beautiful digital account through the channel via SHB Internet Banking/Mobile Banking.

Customers can easily own the account number they want after only 5 seconds of registration by phone or computer.

  • Feel free to choose an account with up to 10 beautiful numbers to suit your needs, interests, birthdays, anniversaries...
  • Beautiful account numbers affirm class as account numbers mean fortune, three flowers, riches, feng shui, god of fortune...
  • Applicable to individual and institutional customers. Can register at all transaction points of SHB nationwide.
  • Implement many attractive incentive programs to meet customers' expectations and needs.
  • Enjoy free lifetime promotions such as: Account package management fee, inter-bank money transfer, ATM withdrawal outside the system...


VietinBank is one of the pioneer banks to launch on-demand account opening services. Over the past 2 years, there have been more than 100,000 customers with beautiful account numbers.

To register for this service, customers only need to install VietinBank iPay application on their mobile phones. Then search for the desired account number or choose from the list suggested by the bank…

  • Provide accounts at the request of users about beautiful account numbers such as: according to feng shui, lucky charm, birthday ...
  • Support many accompanying incentives such as: Free maintenance of iPay, OTT, free transfer inside and outside iPay system, transaction limit up to 3 billion VND/day...
  • Registering to open a beautiful digital account on VietinBank iPay will receive a 50% discount on fees. With only from 550,000 VND, you can own a number of accounts in your own style.
  • The application interface is designed with a simple design, integrated with flexible search support for account numbers…


From June 18, 2021, An Binh Commercial Joint Stock Bank (ABBANK) officially launched the feature to choose beautiful digital accounts on AB Ditizen application. Through that, customers can easily choose beautiful account numbers, meaning feng shui, fortune ...


This service applies to all existing and new customers registered to use AB Ditizen digital bank. Customers can register anytime, anywhere via the Internet without having to go to a bank transaction office.

  • Owning a unique account number, confirming class such as: Wealth, Fortune, Nhu Y, Cat Tuong ... Or account numbers by date of birth, phone number, anniversaries ...
  • Customers will receive up to 80% discount on card opening fees and many other attractive incentives in the program "Nice digital account - Dac Loc Tam An".
  • Depending on each beautiful digital account, customers will enjoy many accompanying incentives such as: Free use of AB Ditizen for life, free issuance, annual ...


Owning a beautiful digital account is becoming a trend of users today. It not only shows class and style, but also carries many meanings about luck and fortune for the user's work.

At NamABank, customers can choose to open an account with the same account number, birthday, and citizen identification. Or an account with 6 optional ending numbers on the Open Banking Nam A Bank application.

In addition, with customers opening a beautiful digital account at the counter, in addition to the above special numbers. Customers also have the right to choose 5 tail numbers with the meaning of feng shui, fortune, prosperity ...

  • With eKYC electronic identification technology, customers can open beautiful digital accounts on the application anytime, anywhere.
  • Offer 100% exemption of fees related to payment accounts such as: Free internal and external transfers on Digital Bank.

NCB Bank

NCB Bank deploys the service of choosing a beautiful digital payment account to target all individual and institutional customers. Here, customers will have the opportunity to receive a unique account number, affirming their "brand" as well as their class.

In addition to the usual features, beautiful digital accounts also make it easy for users to remember, suitable for feng shui, with many meanings.

  • Free account as you like, choose the last 4 numbers as desired for individual customers. At the same time, 50% off the fee for opening a beautiful digital account, giving away a contactless chip domestic debit card.
  • Free inter-bank money transfer, annual fee on Internet Banking and Mobile Banking applications.
  • For corporate customers, 50% off the fee for choosing a beautiful account number from now until December 31.
  • Corporate customers are also free to open a payment account, free to register for Internet Banking, free to transfer money inside and outside the NCB system...

Above are the Top 10 banks that support opening beautiful digital accounts in 2022 that you can refer to. Hopefully it will be a useful share to help you easily choose some beautiful, meaningful accounts that match your wishes.

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