Sự thật Tamo bị bắt, Tamo bị điều tra có phải không 2023

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Có phải bạn đang tìm kiếm chủ đề về => Sự thật Tamo bị bắt, Tamo bị điều tra có phải không 2023 phải không? Nếu đúng như vậy thì mời bạn xem nó ngay tại đây. Xem thêm các kiến thức vay tiền ngân hàng khác tại đây => kiến thức vay tiền

Currently, there are rumors that many loan applications are being investigated and arrested by the police, typically websites such as god of fortune, Senmo, so many people are wondering if the Tamo loan web app has been hacked. police arrest or not. In this article, we will learn about the problem of Tamo being arrested, Tamo being investigated, Tamo collapsed

Borrow money quickly Online Tamo.vn 1 million – 40 million Receive money within 5 Minutes, Browse documents quickly within 1 Minute, Register Online 24/7 0% interest and fees for new customers SIGN UP FOR LOAN

Part firstWhat is Tamo Loan?

Tamo (Website : www.tamo.vn) is a financial service that helps customers borrow money quickly through unsecured loans on the app and website. The advantage of this form is that it supports 100% online loans, no intermediaries, no need to meet, just use a 4G phone to apply for a loan online.

Borrowing money from Tamo applies the form of borrowing money online, borrowers only need to register for a loan with their ID card, no need for collateral nor any other documents such as household registration book, car interest. , vehicle registration certificate for loan. The only thing you need to do is prepare a valid ID card or citizen identification

Tamo supports customers with quite large loans compared to customer loan apps that are loans ranging from 1 million to 40 million VND with a loan period from 90 days to 180 days with loan interest rates from 12%. /year – 20%/year

The benefit of Tamo loan is that customers are free of interest for 30 days for the first loan at Tamo. Tamo is currently a loan website owned by DIGITAL CREDIT TRADING SERVICES CO., LTD with address at 162 Nguyen Chi Thanh, Ward 3, District 10, HCMC.

Information about Tamo loan website

Address 162 Nguyen Chi Thanh, Ward 3, District 10, HCMC
Business license number 0315413378
Call center 1900 599 812
Loan form Borrow money Online
Loan amount From 1 million – 40 million VND
Support area Nationwide
Loan term 3 to 6 months
Interest rates 12% – 20%/year
Service charge Have
Age 18 to 80 years old
Time to receive money Get money in 15 minutes
Endow Free interest for 30 days for the first loan
Working time Monday – Friday: 08:00 – 18:00, Saturday & Sunday: 08:00 – 17:00

Part 2Borrowing money Tamo was arrested, is Tamo investigated?

In recent times, in the context that there have been many loan applications, and the borrowers have been arrested by the police, even a big man in Vietnam’s financial day that has existed for more than 10 years like F88 has also been arrested. investigate. So now most of the apps are at risk of being investigated by the police. Hastags on social networks are buzzing about the arrest of loan apps like #doctordongbibat, #tamobibat, #senmobibat

Before the above hashtags, many people have questioned whether Tamo was arrested, Tamo was investigated or not whether this is a real use, it is still a talk on social networks or groups. , especially money-burning groups. To verify the above information, let’s go through some information

First, scrolling through a few major newspapers today, 24h.com.vn, vnexpress.vn, Youth Newspaper, Labor Newspaper, Youth Newspaper … all see no information related to Tamo’s arrest. often investigated. Tamo is one of the major online loan apps in Vietnam, with a large number of customers accessing and borrowing money daily, so information about Tamo is always of great interest to borrowers. Therefore, major online newspapers in Vietnam will not ignore information about Tamo

Next, we took a look around the groups and still saw many successful Tamo borrowers, so this is also the basis for assessing whether Tamo has collapsed or not.

Next, let’s try to apply for a loan right on tamo.vn website. Whatever you try, you will know immediately if Tamo has been arrested or not. Note, if you borrow for the first time, you will still receive a 0% interest rate. Choose a 10-day loan to test, if it’s too long, it will probably charge interest

And then Tamo still borrows normally no matter what Tamo collapses, Tamo still supports first-time loans up to 7 million and re-loans up to 40 million, with a preferential interest rate of 30 free day for first loan

Finally, you will check the Tamo switchboard to see if it is subscribed, fortunately it still rings and still has enthusiastic support

In summary, Tamo is still operating normally and rumors about Tamo being arrested, Tamo being investigated are baseless and untrue.

Tamo was arrested

Has Tamo been arrested?

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Part 3Why should you borrow money from Tamo?

As one of the 24/7 online instant loan websites with the most registered customers, Tamo is also an Online loan website that supports customers to borrow money with huge loans. If online loan websites only support loans under 20 million, Tamo is currently supporting customers to borrow up to 40 million and borrow 7 million or more for the first time.

  • 24/7 online loan support 100% no need to meet, no intermediaries
  • Borrow money simply, quickly, anytime, anywhere
  • Quick loan procedure, just need ID card, no need to prove income or need collateral
  • Flexible loan limit from 1 million to 40 million
  • First 30 days interest free offer for first time loan
  • Flexible loan period from 90 days to 160 days
  • Auto loan approval in just 3 minutes
  • Quick disbursement, money is transferred directly to customer’s bank account
  • Professional and enthusiastic support staff
  • If you are in bad debt, you can rest assured that Tamo will still support all of them, but only in bad debt groups 1 and 2, but 3 or more is difficult.

Borrow money quickly Online Tamo.vn 1 million – 40 million Receive money within 5 Minutes, Browse documents quickly within 1 Minute, Register Online 24/7 0% interest and fees for new customers SIGN UP FOR LOAN

Part 4Cons of Tamo Online Loan

Like many other online loan websites such as Dong Doctor, Tien Oi, Vamo … or H5 websites to borrow money, Tamo still has many problems that can be mentioned such as:

  • The interest rate on borrowing money through the app will usually be higher than the bank installment interest rate, besides the interest rate you will need to pay additional fees depending on your loan.
  • Most online loan applications only support borrowers with small amounts of less than 100 million, on average ranging from 1 million to 40 million.
  • The loan period is short, not too long, can only be borrowed for a maximum of 6 months
  • You must provide full personal information in the registration form, in addition, you also need to provide a photo of your ID/CCCD along with a portrait photo when applying for a loan. There are many apps that take advantage of this form to steal customer personal information for many different purposes

Tamo is still one of the apps with a huge number of borrowers during the day and has the best loan support in reputable online loan apps, but before you borrow money, you need to learn carefully about Tamo.

Part 5How to borrow money Online Tamo

It is quite simple for you to easily own online money loans, but not everyone can borrow money online. Each loan app has general terms and conditions for customers to meet, with Tamo when you apply for a loan to note the following:

  • Be a Vietnamese citizen living and working in Vietnam
  • You must be of working age, you can’t get a loan under the age of 18
  • Have a valid identity card or citizen identity card
  • Having a job with a stable income of 3 million/month or more, Jobs that are considered free will definitely not be approved.
  • Do not have bad debt from 2 or more online loan apps, if you have, you should pay immediately to be able to borrow money at Tamo
  • Have an active bank account
  • If you have bad debt, you can still borrow Tamo normally

Part 6Does Tamo’s arrest need to be repaid?

There are many brothers who have the mentality that as long as the loan applications are caught, they will not have to pay the debt and tend to burn more money. So when Tamo is arrested, do you need to pay that loan?

The answer is yes to you. Although you may be investigated and arrested, you will still be reminded of your debt as usual, not to mention you may be asked by the police to clarify some issues related to the app loan app arrested.

Well, if you borrow money from heaven and earth, you can pay it back, if you borrow it, you will consider it as a relief, save your headache and worry when you are being asked for debt by apps.

Part 7How to borrow money from Tamo?

Borrow money quickly Online Tamo.vn 1 million – 40 million Receive money within 5 Minutes, Browse documents quickly within 1 Minute, Register Online 24/7 0% interest and fees for new customers SIGN UP FOR LOAN

3 simple steps, help you get 7 million for the first time to borrow Tamo, here are the details of 3 steps to borrow Tamo

First step 1, apply for a loan

Here you need to choose the desired loan

  • For first-time borrowers, you can choose loans from 1 million to 7 million
  • For re-borrowers, priority will be given to larger loan limits of up to VND 40 million

Next you need to complete the loan application information including:

  • Personal information : Full name, date of birth, gender, marital status, address, Email…
  • Job information : Job, position, company information…
  • Guardian Information : Name, phone number, relationship
  • Image : 2 photos of ID/CCCD, 1 portrait photo
  • Bank information : Bank account, bank name, branch
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Next step, step 2 waiting for loan approval

Tamo loan approval time is only within 3 minutes, you will receive notification results from Tamo

Finally, Loan Disbursement

You can 2 ways to receive money below

Way 1 : Transfer money via bank account, money will be immediately deposited into your bank account, only takes 15 minutes to wait

Way 2 : Transfer money to MOMO e-wallet, the loan will be transferred to MOMO e-wallet registered with your phone number

Part 8How does Tamo collect debt?

Websites that borrow money with monthly installments only need ID/CCCD, all apply the same debt collection process. For the online loan website Tamo is also applying the loan process according to the loan websites that are

  • Step 1: When the payment is due, Tamo will contact the customer to inform when the debt is due.
  • Step 2: After the call, if you can’t pay, every day Tamo debt collection staff will call you to remind you continuously, the call time increases until you complete the loan payment.
  • Step 3: If the customer defaults, Tamo will start calling your relatives and witnesses.
  • Step 4: If there is still no reply, Tamo will contact you through social networking channels such as Zalo, Facebook.
  • Step 5: If the debt is still not collected, Tamo forwards the file to the debt collection agency. Debt collection agents will continue to collect claims and may come to your home to collect claims.
  • Step 6: If still unable to claim, the financial company will transfer the file to the court to sue.

Part 9How not to fall into debt when borrowing money online through the app?

Currently, there are many people who are falling into the situation that they are borrowing money from this app to repay the loan for another app, so a vicious cycle with no way out when you owe each app to the client and can’t stop. up to 1 day, the mother’s interest, the child’s interest, and some people have owed up to several hundred million. So how to borrow money through the app effectively and avoid constant debt. Here are some tips for you who are looking to borrow money through the app.

  • First, find out information about the loan app you want to borrow such as limit, interest rate, loan period, address, call center …
  • Choosing the right loan should not be borrowed through the amount of your best friend’s income
  • When you have borrowed, you need to plan for yourself to ensure your ability to repay
  • It is recommended to pay the loan 1 to 2 days before payment
  • Always keep in mind the payment time to avoid late payment
  • Don’t borrow money for your friends, because it’s easy to be the one to pay the debt
  • If possible, pay off the loan early to avoid a long night of dreams

Part tenEpilogue

Recently, the information related to the rumor that Tamo was arrested, Tamo was investigated, Tamo crashed, that’s all we can help you confirm the above information. If you need to borrow money from Tamo, please register now

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