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How long does it take for group 1 bad debt to be written off? This is a question that has received a lot of attention in recent times. Currently, the demand for loans is becoming more and more popular and appearing more and more. However, few people understand the contractual issues when borrowing and are listed as group 1 debt and still don’t know what to do until problems arise.

If you have questions about group 1 debt and don’t know how long it will take to clear bad debt group 1, please study the information below at: VIDGROUPsure will get the most satisfactory answer!

What is bad debt?

What is bad debt?

Bad debts are easily understood as debts that are listed as bad by banks or lending institutions. intends not to repay the debt under the signed contract.

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How many groups of bad debt?

Depending on each case, borrowers are classified into different bad debt groups. At different levels of bad debt, there are regulations that limit some benefits for borrowers. Being classified as bad debt and keeping records in CIC will cause difficulties if there is a need to borrow money next time. Normally, there will be 5 groups of bad debts as follows:

Debt group 1

Debt group 1 Also known as qualified debt, this debt group has the ability to recover all capital and interest and is divided into two cases:

  • Debt collection in due time: Debt collected on time, not late and fully collected both principal and interest.
  • Overdue debt: It is considered a debt that can be recovered both principal and interest. If the payment cannot be made on time, it must be paid within the 10 days allowed delay. However, in this case, you still have to pay a fine according to the prescribed level.

Usually, customers often fall into group 1 debt because:

  • Customers do not arrange a reasonable repayment time, so it often leads to forgetting.
  • Not knowing about interest rates or regulations on paying interest.
  • Do not pay attention to the notice of interest payment of Bank.

Group 1 debt is not actually bad debt and is not in the limit on bad debt. Does not affect the image of the profile and can still borrow quickly the next time.

In addition, it is necessary to pay close attention to the delay within the allowable level because only being late to the 11th day is already falling into the bad debt group 2, leading to many adverse effects on the records.

Bad debt group 2

Bad debt group 2 Also known as a debt to pay attention to is considered a debt of interest and principal from the bank that is more than 10 days old. A customer is placed on this list when:

  • Debts of principal and interest are overdue from 10 days to 90 days.
  • Failure to pay debt on time may be rescheduled for the first time.

However, this group of debts is not necessarily bad debt but is just in the transition to bad debt. Only one day late is to switch from group 1 debt to group 2 bad debt.

Bad debt group 3

Bad debt group 3 classified as substandard debt, will be included in this debt group when falling into the following cases:

  • Delayed payment of interest and principal from 91 to 180 days.
  • Overdue for less than 30 days for the first and second restructured repayment periods.
  • In case the customer has many loans other than bank loans.
  • If there is a decrease in your ability to repay the loan, the organization will classify you as a risk group and will usually be group 3.

If falling into bad debt group 3, the file will stay on CIC for 3 to 5 years and almost will not be considered in any form. It is important not only to create a bad image for yourself, but also to have a bad impact on your family and those who share the household registration book.

Bad debt group 4

Bad debt group 4 It is also known as a doubtful debt group because it is likely to lose both principal and interest. When you fall into the group of bad debt group 4, the file will be saved on the national information system CIC and you cannot apply for a loan anywhere.

To delete group 4 bad debt is not easy, you must first pay all principal and interest and after 5 years, this bad debt will be erased. And of course will be punished by the bank or other lending institution.

  • To avoid falling into these bad situations, please note the following:
  • Do not borrow over the term of more than 180 days to 360 days
  • The first and second restructured debts should be completed on time
  • Do not borrow from many credit institutions at the same time

Bad debt group 5

Bad debt group 5 is a group of debt that is likely to lose both capital and interest completely, and belongs to the most serious and dangerous group of debts. When falling into this group, it is very disadvantageous and easy to face a miserable situation when there is a need to borrow and later.

This will also be recorded on the CIC system and it is extremely difficult to delete it. After 5 years, the bad debt will be deleted from the CIC. In order not to fall into a bad debt situation of group 5, it is necessary to note the following:

  • Pay attention to interest and money payment deadlines so you don’t forget
  • Fully and on time repaying the first, second and third installments.
  • You should borrow from a credit institution and ensure your ability to repay

How long does it take for group 1 bad debt to be written off?

How long does it take for group 1 bad debt to be written off?

Depending on different debt groups, the debt cancellation on the system CIC information also different. Group 1 debt is not classified as bad debt, so it will cause less difficulties in future transactions.

Group 1 debt will be approved immediately if borrowing capital and must pay interest according to the lending bank’s regulations. The time period for group 1 debt to be removed from CIC depends on the overdue payment time.

Therefore, if you want to get rid of group 1 debt quickly, you must first pay interest in full and regularly every day.

Does the bank give bad loans to group 1?

When you get into bad debt, it will be difficult to get a loan. However, not all banks turn away from bad debts, for group 1 debt, there are many loan opportunities:

MSB Bank

MSB . Bank

MSB is currently supporting customers with bad debt groups 1, 2, 3, 4 with very gentle conditions. Mortgage Bank receive bad debt applicationu provided that the borrower must detail the time of late payment due to external factors,..

If you can meet some issues about age, monthly income and explain the reason for bad debt, the application will be supported and approved immediately.

Vpbank loan lookup

VPBank Bank

For VPBank, lending to bad debtors is unknown.

If you have a bad debt in group 1, your application will be reviewed and based on determining your income and explaining the reason for your bad debt, or you will have to give a mortgage of equal or higher value than the loan.

If you belong to group 1 debt, borrowing at VPBank is a good option because the interest rate is quite low and the loan term is high.

In this article,  only mentions the loan programs at Fico TPBank that are applying


This is a lending bank with many diverse and rich programs that make it easy for you to choose a suitable loan package. Besides, the bank also supports customers who owe group 1 loans quickly and neatly.


MB Bank

Belonging to the first choice of banks to support loans for bad debt groups. The bank has large capital resources and a quick application process with a high rate of success.

Especially for those who belong to group 1 debt, they can still apply here and have a high chance of being approved.

What is Seabank?


For groups of bad debt, all banks have certain limitations and are often strict in borrowing capital.

But at Seabank, it still supports loans for bad debts from group 1 to group 5 by online form. Particularly for group 1 debt, it is still possible to apply for a loan directly at a bank.

How to check bad debt group 1 quickly

In order to know if you are having bad debt and do the loan procedures, you must check the information at the bank. So how to check, let’s refer to some of the following ways:


Sign up for the CIC . test service

CIC is an interconnected credit information system. CIC test is to check the customer’s eligibility for a loan or not. To register for CIC testing service:

  • Step 1: Go to cic.org.vn website to register an account or log in if you already have one.
  • Step 2: Next, complete the information according to the instructions on the phone. Need to enter the correct information and wait for the message and confirmation code to complete the next step.
  • Step 3: After receiving the message and the code, select the agree button to go to the next step. Then CIC staff will call to confirm and inform the current situation. That ends the registration process.

After you have an account, you will easily log into the system with your ID card and check if you have bad debt or not.

In order to bring not only accurate results but also the time received after only 30 minutes. Come to bad debt check service At , we are committed to sending personal credit history reports to more than 97% of banks, organizations finance are searching. You can refer to the details below.

Check CIC Now!

Download the banking app, register for a “draft” loan

Currently, there are many banks that conduct online loans with good interest rates and many incentives. Documents are approved quickly and disbursed quickly.

You can download apps easily with your phone and apply for a “draft” loan. After you fill in the information, the organization will check your information and verify bad debtResults will be announced within 24 hours.



Vietnam Prosperity Joint Stock Commercial Bank

  • Bad Debt Check (CIC)

  • Loan package 25 million – 1 billion VND

  • Installment 12 – 60 months

  • From 23 to 65 men, 55 women




Digital Bank

  • Bad Debt Check (CIC)

  • Nationwide support

  • No age limit

  • Easy access to preferential loan packages


SIGN UP (Android)

Vietnam Prosperity Bank

VPBank App

Interest rate from

0.65% month

  • Bad Debt Check (CIC)

  • Loan 30 million – 1 billion VND

  • Principal contribution, interest 1-5 years, flexible payment

  • Suitable for freelancers, going to work for a company




Digital Bank

  • Bad Debt Check (CIC)

  • Free 63 provinces and cities

  • Support all professions, ages

  • Easy access to preferential loan packages


SIGN UP (Android)

Calculate the number of days of late payment

In order to know who is late in payment and is registered in CIC with information about the number of days owed, how much is owed, etc., the CIC divides the specific levels as follows:

  • Group 1: Late payment under 10 days.
  • Bad debt group 2: Late payment from 11 days to less than 90 days.
  • Bad debt group 3: Late payment over 90 days and less than 180 days.
  • Group 4 bad debt: More than 180 days late and less than 360 days.
  • Group 5 bad debt: More than 360 days late.

FAQ – How long does it take for bad debt to be cleared?

1. Does the bank collect bad debt from group 1 customers?

Regardless of the debt group, the bank will still collect the debt. For group 1, the bank will send a notice if the payment is overdue and restructure the repayment period within 10 days. When it is more than 10 days late, the bank will let you into group 2 debt and restructure the repayment period and have penalties.

2. Will the late payment period be cleared immediately?

To delete group 1 debt, the first thing is that you have to pay off all debts on time. The bank will rely on your payment method to decide whether to write off the debt or extend it for a while.

If you want to have your debt forgiven immediately, you must ensure the continuity and regularity during the penalty payment period, when the bank sees signs of delay, it will doubt about the debt cancellation for you and risk being classified as group 2 debt.

3. Does the online loan app/website support bad debt?

Currently on the market, there are many online loan apps and websites that support loans for bad debt groups. Procedure loans extremely simple and does not require much, just need an ID card to be able to do the procedure and it is worth noting that the money returns very quickly within 1 day.

However, online loans have very high interest rates and have some risks, so think carefully before borrowing.


The article “How long does it take to get rid of bad debt group 1” provides some information and solves problems about bad debt group 1. Please research carefully before taking out a loan or installment so as not to be listed as bad debt causing bad debt. affect yourself and others.

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