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For those who have children studying abroad or working abroad, money transfer is a necessity. So, what is the cheapest way to transfer money abroad?

Currently, the demand for residence, work and study of overseas Vietnamese is increasing day by day. This leads to an increasing number of remittance transactions abroad. The State of Vietnam allows individuals and organizations to transfer money to relatives abroad through international money transfer services of banks. This way of transferring money is not only fast but also ensures the safety of your assets.

In this article, Vietnamese Bank I will share with you the cheapest ways to transfer money abroad today. If you are interested in this issue, do not miss the following article!

The cheapest and fastest ways to transfer money abroad

Currently, there are 3 how to transfer money abroad widely used by many people. Depending on the purpose of the transfer such as sending children to study abroad, supporting relatives to settle down, go on a business trip... to choose the most suitable way to transfer money abroad.

Transfer money via bank SWIFT Code

This is how the sender will go to the bank's branches to request to transfer money abroad to their children, friends or relatives. Banks will conduct money transfer transactions at the request of customers through SWIFT Code.

Transfer money via bank SWIFT Code
Transfer money via bank SWIFT Code

Accordingly, SWIFT is an association of banks and financial institutions around the world that helps the process of exchanging information, transferring money, and receiving money quickly and conveniently. Each bank will have its own SWIFT code to perform the transaction. However, to transfer money abroad, customers need to prepare some documents such as:

  • Request letter for money transfer according to the form provided by the bank.
  • Notarized copy of valid ID card or passport.
  • Papers proving the purpose of transfer such as tuition fee notices, medical examination and treatment receipts, papers proving that beneficiaries are overseas...

For the recipient, in order to get the money, they must bring identification documents such as ID card/Passport/other identification papers with receipt of money (if any).

Note: To save costs when transferring money abroad, users should set up an account at a remittance bank. Not only does it make transactions convenient, but it also avoids additional fees.

Western Union money transfer abroad

Western Union Money transfer service abroad is quite popular for people who often travel around the country. This is considered one of the cheapest ways to transfer money abroad today. Therefore, if you are in need of an international transfer, you should not ignore this method.

Western Union money transfer abroad
Western Union money transfer abroad

Currently, Western Union is present in over 200 countries around the world, can be converted to currencies, including Vietnam. This method of money transfer is suitable for the poor, migrating abroad to earn a living… Because, when using Western Union, you can freely transfer funds between banks without any cost.

The transfer process goes as follows:

  • Step 1: Customers fill in all information in the "Money Transfer Receipt" as prescribed.
  • Step 2: Pay the transfer amount and money transfer service fee to the bank staff.
  • Step 3: The bank staff will enter data into the system and give you a receipt with a 10-digit money transfer code.
  • Step 4: You notify the recipient of the necessary information including the money transfer code.

Note: When you go to receive money at a Western Union agent, remember Bring your ID to identify and facilitate the process.

Transfer money abroad through Moneygram

This form of money transfer originated in the US, so far it has been present in over 200 countries. Moneygram bring convenience to online transactions, to counters at banks and via e-wallets. Since Moneygram is linked with most banks, the process is quick and easy.

Transfer money abroad through Moneygram
Transfer money abroad through Moneygram

The process of transferring money via Moneygram is as follows:

  • Step 1: Find your nearest Moneygram bank branch.
  • Step 2: Prepare documents such as ID card, passport, citizen identification card.
  • Step 4: Fill in all information and make sure it is correct on the Moneygram money transfer slip.
  • Step 5: Submit the amount you want to transfer to complete the procedure.

Besides the simple and cost-saving ways to transfer money to foreign countries mentioned above, there are still many other ways such as: Transfer money abroad via Visa card...

Fees for transferring money abroad at some banks

Below is a table of fees for transferring money abroad at leading reputable banks today that you can refer to.

Transfer money through banks EximBank LienVietPost Bank SacomBank TPBank VIB Vietcombank
Electricity SWIFT Bank fees 0.2% 0.2% 0.2% 0.2% 0.2% 0.2%
If the transferor bears the full cost 25 USD 30 USD 21 USD 30 USD 25 USD 20 USD
Transfer money through banks ACB BIDV MBBank SHB SCB SeABank
Electricity SWIFT Bank fees 0.25% 0.2% 0.2% 0.22% 0.2% 0.22%
If the transferor bears the full cost 16 USD 20 USD 25 USD 10 USD + Foreign bank fee 5 USD + foreign bank fee 30 USD
Western Union Transfer up to 1,000 USD 20 USD 10 USD to Russia, 12 USD to Malaysia, 35 USD to Australia, 27 USD to Czech and Poland… 20 USD
Up to $2,000 25 USD 20 USD to Russia, 26 USD to Malaysia, 37 USD to Australia… 25 USD
Up to 3,000 USD 30 USD 50 USD to Korea..
Up to 3,000 USD 40 USD 50 USD to Malaysia and Russia, 100 USD to Czech and Poland, 115 USD to Australia… 40 USD
Up to 10,000 USD 50 USD 50 USD

Outward remittance limit

From the table of fees above, it can be seen that the fee for money transfer between banks is not too much different. To know the exact fee, it is best to contact the bank directly for advice and support.

The maximum amount to be remitted abroad will vary from case to case. Specifically, the overseas remittance limit of each case will be as follows:

Academic purposes

  • Full amount according to the tuition fee notice.
  • The full amount according to the notice of living expenses or the limit of USD 25,000/person/year


  • The full amount according to the notice of the medical facility
  • The full amount according to the notice of living expenses or the limit of USD 25,000/person/year

Business, travel, visit

  • Buy foreign currency to bring when traveling/business 7000 USD/person/time.
  • Transfer of family allowance with a limit of USD 25,000/person/year.

Relatives allowance

  • Each relative is entitled to a subsidy of USD 25,000/person/year
  • Relatives include: grandfather, grandmother/grandmother; Parents, natural/adopted children; Couple; Siblings – There is no limit to the number of relatives that can be transferred.
  • The full amount of inheritance.
  • The purpose of settlement, there is no limit on the amount of money transferred if the source of the money can be proved to be lawful.

Some regulations on transferring Vietnamese money to foreign countries

Follow Article 7 Decree 70/2014/NĐ-CP Regulations on transferring money from Vietnam to foreign countries are as follows:

  • Residents being organizations may conduct one-way money transfers abroad to serve the purposes of sponsorship, aid or other purposes according to regulations of the State Bank of Vietnam.
  • Residents being Vietnamese citizens may purchase, transfer and bring foreign currencies abroad according to regulations of the State Bank of Vietnam for the following purposes:
  • Studying and getting medical treatment abroad;
  • Business trip, tourism, visit abroad;
  • Pay all kinds of fees and charges to foreign countries;
  • Allowance for relatives living abroad;
  • Transfer of inheritance money to overseas heirs;

Remittance in case of settlement abroad:

  • One-way transfers for other legitimate needs.
  • Non-residents and residents are foreigners who have foreign currencies on their accounts or lawful foreign currency revenues transferred or brought abroad; In case there is a lawful source of income in Vietnam dong, they may buy foreign currency to transfer or bring abroad.
  • Authorized credit institutions are responsible for reviewing documents and papers presented by residents and non-residents for sale, transfer, certification of foreign currency sources they own or buy from authorized credit institutions in order to bring abroad based on the actual and reasonable requirements of each money transfer transaction.

In addition, according to Decision 1437/2001/ND-CP, the maximum transfer amount for study needs or 1 year allowance is 5,000 USD; 10,000 USD for medical treatment or inheritance, not more than 50,000 USD to settle abroad…

Above are some of the cheapest and safest ways to transfer money abroad that you can refer to. Knowing the fee schedule and regulations when transferring money abroad will give you useful knowledge for you to come up with the most suitable plan.


  • Update the latest overseas remittance fees
  • Update the fee for money transfer from abroad to Vietnam
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