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Có phải bạn đang tìm kiếm chủ đề về => Dịch vụ làm hồ sơ giả vay tín chấp với sự thật “Rùng mình”! phải không? Nếu đúng như vậy thì mời bạn xem nó ngay tại đây. Xem thêm các kiến thức vay tiền ngân hàng khác tại đây => kiến thức vay tiền

Fake loan application service believable or not? This is a question that many people are interested in when they are in need of urgent loan, but for the reason that the application has been rejected many times due to bad debt, inability to pay and most commonly, the loan application is not satisfied. support given.

The article below will update you According to the latest information on the service of making fake documents for unsecured loans, is this a model of island fire to appropriate the assets of those who are “credulous?” Let’s VIDGROUP Understand more clearly!

What is a mortgage loan?

Details how to borrow according to the latest Sacombank bank salary.

Unsecured loans are a form monthly installment loan Banks do not need collateral or guarantee from the company or family. Currently, two units supporting unsecured loans are banks and financial companies.

During the application review process, lenders will base on the customer’s reputation, the company where the customer is working and the monthly income to decide the loan limit and duration.

The credibility of the customer includes factors such as CIC credit history, proof of income, employment contract, business registration license…

Unsecured loans at banks will have preferential interest rates, simple procedures, transparent and safer information than financial companies because they avoid more risks before, during and after borrowing.

Bank unsecured loan packages support a maximum limit of up to VND 500 million for a period of 60 months to serve purposes such as small business, purchase of home equipment, car purchase, home repair …Therefore, borrowing at a bank is always the first priority of individuals when they need a loan.

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The difference between unsecured loans and online loans

borrow money online

Many people are still confused about what is unsecured loan and online loan. Here are some of the differences between these two types of loans:

Unsecured loan

  • Interest rates on unsecured loans: Most financial companies offer installment loans with interest rates ranging from 20-35% with flexible installment periods from 6 to 36 months. Because there is no collateral, the customer’s obligation to repay the debt will be weak, mainly based on the borrower’s sense.
  • High loan limit: Up to 500 million VND
  • The appraisal process is longer than online loans: If you submit enough loan documents right from the beginning, it will only take 1 to 2 days to receive the loan.

Quick loan online

  • Higher interest rates than regular unsecured loans Because the interest rate depends on many other factors such as: loan level, loan term (short-term or long-term), loan purpose, borrowing location… but the interest rates are different. Accordingly, it is necessary to consider the location of the loan to get the appropriate interest rate.
  • Low loan limit: From 1-20 million VND
  • Fast appraisal process: approved within a day because transactions are mainly done online, be it through websites, online trading platforms or mobile phone applications.

Advantages of bank loans today

1. Peer-to-peer mortgage interest rate

According to the latest statistics, current bank loan interest rates in the form of mortgage loans range from 10% to 16% per year and are not too much lower than unsecured loans.

2. High limit, installment up to 60 months

The unsecured loan limit at the bank is quite high, up to a maximum of VND 500 million or 10 times the customer’s income with a flexible installment period from 6 to 60 months to help customers be proactive in the repayment plan. .

3. No collateral required

When taking out an unsecured loan at a bank, customers do not need to bring any assets as collateral, but only need documents related to proof of income.

4. Can pay off the loan before maturity

Customers can pay off their unsecured loan documents at any time. In addition to the outstanding advantages as above, unsecured loans are also chosen by customers because of the following utilities:

  • Simple loan documents, procedures and processes, disbursement time is only 1-3 days, helping customers solve their financial needs quickly.
  • Customers do not need to prepare a capital use plan as well as prove the purpose of using the loan.
  • No service fees and fees incurred during the loan application process.
  • Supported by a team of professional, knowledgeable and dedicated staff.

Explain why banks refuse unsecured loan applications?

The cause of the default of 1 billion VND!

1. Having bad debt

Most banks are linked with each other through the Credit Center under the State Bank of Vietnam (CIC).

Based on the credit history information of each customer, after it has been confirmed that if the customer has ever paid late or deliberately failed to pay a certain loan, that customer will be marked as bad debt.

Specifically, if check personal credit history have a low credit score, belong to bad debt group 2 Banks often restrict accepting applications and more than 90% of unsecured loan applications will be rejected if customers belong to bad debt group 3 above.

In short, depending on the level of bad debt of the customer, the bank will decide whether to accept the application or not and this is understandable because inherently unsecured loans do not need collateral but only rely on personal and corporate reputation only.

2. Borrowing from many parties, using up credit card limit

Many people have submitted applications for unsecured loans at many different banks and financial companies partly because they are too impatient to need a quick loan or want to increase the approval rate.

This does not help, but on the contrary, it accidentally puts you in an awkward position because most of these actions are detected by banks and as a result, the application will be rejected when applying for an unsecured loan.

3. Failing to meet the loan conditions given by the bank

When taking out unsecured loans, if customers do not bring enough documents, have missing or wrong papers, unqualified documents are the cause of their unsecured loan application being rejected.

Usually, the loan conditions and procedures at each bank and financial company are very clear about the necessary documents for customers to get unsecured loans. Specifically:

  • ID card/Passport/Citizen identification card
  • Registration book
  • Temporary residence book or KT3 (if any)
  • Certificate of marriage/singleness
  • Documents proving financial ability
  • Loan application form
  • Other documents optional…

Note: Customers need to prepare the original for comparison if the photo documents and non-standard document status will also be rejected.

In addition, the failure to meet the correct conditions from age, unstable income to afford to repay the bank/financial company, etc. is also the cause of your application being rejected.

4. Failure to cooperate in the appraisal process or not supplementing faulty records

Banks and finance companies will always have questions to prove your creditworthiness and ensure that the loan amount will be paid on time. These questions revolve around topics such as actual source of income, loan purpose, marital status, etc.

Based on those questions, the bank will verify, so you need to cooperate with the correct answer because the bank staff will conduct verification in many different sources, if false information is discovered, your loan will be canceled. Rejection is certain.

If, during the appraisal and approval process, you fail to add the incorrect documents within the stipulated time, your application will also be rejected.

Should you trust the service of making fake documents for unsecured loans?

Service of making fake documents for unsecured loans with the truth "Shiver"!

The answer is ARE NOT. The service of making fake documents for unsecured loans causes incalculable consequences for the applicant as well as the users of that fake profile. According to regulations of the Law:

  • In case the employer of the employment contract makes a fake credit loan application to appropriate the bank’s property with a value of over 2 million VND, he will be criminally prosecuted for fraud and appropriation of property (specified in Article 2 of this Decree). 139 Penal Code).
  • In case the user of a fake labor contract does not intentionally appropriate and cause property damage to the bank, but only intends to use this fake contract to get a loan faster, the borrower is really serious and have enough capacity to repay the bank will be criminally handled for forging seals and documents of agencies or organizations.
  • Those who sell or provide fake labor contracts are criminally prosecuted for crimes fake ID card to borrow moneyseals, documents of agencies and organizations.
  • Cases of knowing that users of fake labor contracts have fraudulent purposes to appropriate assets of banks or financial organizations and companies and still provide fake contracts: criminally prosecuted for fraud property, as an accomplice.

Warning about fraudulent unsecured loan application service today

Grasping the psychology of many people wanting to borrow money, borrow cash, many financial services are developing more and more and offer many loan ads, fake loan application services, envelopes… guide to attract customers’ attention.

However, behind these attractive advertisements, it is difficult for you to anticipate the risks that can be “lost money, disabled”. Most of the websites that open services to make fake documents for unsecured loans have servers abroad and do not have clear and transparent company address information.

They make attractive promises that are mainly aimed at the want mentality Borrow money with a citizen ID With a successful high-interest rate limit, making an application is an instant success. The “credibility” of many honest, honest workers is the prey that these people aim for.

Please carefully search for information and discuss directly and specifically with banks and reputable financial institutions about loan packages, requirements, conditions, and clear loan contracts.

In addition, it is necessary to be wary of companies that provide loan application services with characteristics such as: sketchy facilities, only a few sets of tables and chairs; requesting borrowers to pay a prepayment from a few million to several tens of millions and wait for the job. Borrowers should not believe in advertisements to avoid being scammed, to avoid giving money or identity documents to people they do not know.

Experience with direct bank loans to avoid fake loan documents

1. Refer to multi-bank loan program

The important thing if you want a safe unsecured loan is to consult the loan program of many banks or banks reputable online loan app in order to compare to make a decision to choose a reputable bank that is suitable for the ability to pay debts in the future.

2. Choose a credit officer with many years of experience

One of the reasons why the application is rejected is that the customer receives the wrong advice, is not detailed enough, or has poor handling skills from a new employee who does not have much consulting experience.

There have even been a number of cases where bank credit officers cheated to ask for money from customers and ensure their documents are always approved or ask for deposits from customers to make documents, etc.

So choose a credit officer with many years of experience to ensure that they have enough experience to handle any problems that arise during the mortgage application process.

3. Cooperate in the process of appraisal and supplement documents in a timely manner

If your application is missing or has errors, please quickly update and supplement in time to avoid loan rejection.

4. Do not borrow from intermediaries of affiliated companies that support external borrowing

Borrowing through intermediaries from affiliated companies that support external loans will be very risky and if reputable, you will have to pay a rather high fee.


The above article is some Latest information about fake loan application service. Hopefully, it can help you gain more knowledge about the service of making fake documents for unsecured loans to avoid unnecessary risks in work and life.

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