Bắc Á Bank là nhà băng gì? Có uy tín và an toàn hay ko?

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Có phải bạn đang tìm kiếm chủ đề về => Bắc Á Bank là ngân hàng gì? Có uy tín và an toàn hay không? phải không? Nếu đúng như vậy thì mời bạn xem nó ngay tại đây. Xem thêm các Kiến thức ngân hàng khác tại đây => Kiến thức ngân hàng

Bac A Bank is one of the famous banks in Vietnam market with attractive products and services. So, what is Bac A Bank? Is Bac A Bank safe?

When facing many different banks, choosing a reputable and safe bank is always the top concern of customers. Besides big and famous banks such as VietcomBank, BIDV, VietinBank... Viet A Bank is also a familiar name that is trusted and chosen by many customers.

But for customers who have never used the products and services here. They often wonder what Bac A Bank is? Is Bac A Bank safe? To be able to answer this question, let's find out with Nganhangviet.org through the following article.

What is Bac A Bank?

Bac A Bank full name is Bac A Commercial Joint Stock Bank, established in 1994. Over 26 years of establishment and development, Bac A bank has become one of the best joint-stock commercial banks. best in Vietnam.

What is Bac A Bank?
What is Bac A Bank?

The charter capital of Bac A Bank in 2016 increased to VND 5 trillion. Expansion of operations with more than 102 branches and transaction offices. Honored to receive the international award "Best Corporate Social Responsibility 2016" by International Finance Magazine (UK).

With the goal of creating core values, bringing practical benefits to customers. Bac A Bank has constantly made efforts to create many quality financial products and services. Therefore, Bac A Bank owns a large number of customers participating in using the service.

Products and services provided by Bac A Bank

Just like domestic banks, Bac A Bank offers a full range of products and services. This not only confirms the scale of development but also best meets the needs of customers.

Products and services of Bac A Bank are aimed at individual and corporate customers. The main products at Bac A Bank can be mentioned as:

Personal Customers

  • Bank cards: Bac A Bank-TH True Mart co-branded card, domestic debit card.
  • Savings deposit: Profitable savings every day, online deposits, term deposits, term savings, etc.
  • Insurance: Comprehensive home insurance, comprehensive auto insurance.
  • Loans: Consumer loans, business loans, mortgage loans, unsecured loans...

Corporate Customers

  • Deposit account: Current deposit, term deposit.
  • Credit and lending: Car loans, short-term loans, mortgage loans.
  • Commercial finance.

Is Bac A Bank safe and reputable?

Although Bac A Bank is a bank with a long history of operating in the financial and banking sector. However, for customers who have never used products and services at this bank. They often ask the question is Bac A Bank safe?

Is Bac A Bank safe and reputable?
Is Bac A Bank safe and reputable?

Accordingly, Bac A Bank is a reputable and safe bank that customers can trust and choose. With the desire to bring customers quality products. Ngan constantly synchronizes solutions, promoting credit growth.

In the coming time, Bac A Bank will continue to expand its network of transaction offices. Constantly investing in facilities, training professional staff. All these factors aim to best serve the needs of customers.

In addition to the recognition of a large number of customers, Bac A Bank, is also known as the brand that goes with the years. North Asia has received many noble awards from domestic and foreign organizations.

Recently, North Asia was honored to be voted and awarded by IFM magazine in 2 categories:

  • Best Corporate Advisory Board of Vietnam - Best Corporate Advisory Board of Vietnam.
  • Most Inspirational CEO of the Year - Most Inspirational CEO of the Year.

From the above analysis, it can be seen that Bac A Bank is one of the leading prestigious banks today. Customers are completely safe to borrow or save money at Bac A Bank.

Time and working hours of Bac A Bank

To save travel time and effort. Customers need to know the working schedule of Bac A Bank. Accordingly, Bac A Bank operates continuously from Monday to Saturday morning. Specific working hours are as follows:

  • Morning work starts from 7:30 to 11:30.
  • Afternoon work starts from 13:00 to 17:00.

Customers note, Saturday afternoon, Sunday and Bac A Bank holidays will not work. In addition, the bank will stop accepting transaction requests before the break time from 15 to 30 minutes. Therefore, customers need to arrive earlier than the break time to ensure a smooth transaction. When going to the bank counter, remember to bring your ID card to verify customer information.

Hotline, Bac A Bank care center

Bac A Bank set up a separate customer care channel. Here, the operator will advise and answer all questions. At the same time, support customers to handle problems encountered in the process of using products and services in North Asia.

When there is any problem that needs support, please contact Bac A Bank Hotline 1800 588 828. The switchboard operates 24/7 so customers can call whenever they need.

Above is all the information to answer the question What is Bac A Bank? Is Bac A Bank safe for many customers? Hopefully it will be a useful share to help customers make the best choice.

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