4 Lý do hồ sơ vay FE Credit bị từ chối người nào nghe “Choáng”!!!

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Có phải bạn đang tìm kiếm chủ đề về => 4 Lý do hồ sơ vay FE Credit bị từ chối ai nghe “Choáng”!!! phải không? Nếu đúng như vậy thì mời bạn xem nó ngay tại đây. Xem thêm các kiến thức vay tiền ngân hàng khác tại đây => kiến thức vay tiền

You are in need of a small amount of money to do business, to invest or to buy a certain item in installments but FE Credit loan application was refused. However, you did not receive any response from the FE Credit representative or the support staff to make your loan application!

What is the cause of your FE Credit loan application being refused, are there any of the following cases? Whether you are in bad debt or the lender considers the customer unqualified for a loan. Any! Together VIDGROUP Check out more details!

About FE Credit

Fe credits

Vietnam Prosperity Bank Finance Company Limited (FE Credit) was formerly the consumer credit block of Vietnam Prosperity Commercial Joint Stock Bank. In February 2015, FE Credit succeeded in transforming its consumer credit business into an independent legal entity.

October 2021 VPBank completed the sale of the remaining 49% of its charter capital to SMBC Consumer Finance Company and at the same time changed its name to Vietnam Prosperity Bank Finance Company Limited SMBC.

After many years of operation in the field of consumer credit, FE Credit has established itself a solid foundation and has always led the consumer finance market share with a nationwide network of 21,000 points of sale and more than 16,000 employees.

The consolidation of human resources has helped 12 million Vietnamese people to solve their financial problems, in which there will be an additional 30% of new loan contracts each year – this is not a small number. FE Credit has contributed to repelling black credit, gradually improving the living standards of Vietnamese people and promoting the domestic consumption economy.

What is the difference in FE Credit’s current credit service?

Millions of Vietnamese people have a need to borrow money, but official channels often face difficulties in terms of documents, disbursement conditions as well as forms of interest payment.

That is why, FE Credit promotes simple, effective personal consumer loan products and brings financial resources to customers at the right time.

Financial solutions are provided safely, legally, and protected by Vietnamese law to help Vietnamese people improve their living standards. FE Credit’s consumer credit products include

1/ Cash loan:

With easy loan form, no need for collateral, fast approval time, FE Credit’s cash loan channel is very attractive to customers.

FE Credit’s cash loan package is based on many forms and conditions to be able to get a cash loan of up to VND 70 million, installment loan period from 6 to 36 months with the following simple requirements:

Borrowing through payroll:

  • With the program for monthly installment loan In this regard, request the latest 3 months salary slip paid by the client’s company via the bank account (print the last 4 months salary statement with the bank’s stamp).
  • Fixed interest rate applied for credit loan via payroll from: 1.6% – 2.17%/year (interest gradually decreases 2.83% – 3.7%)
  • Minimum loan amount: 10 million VND, maximum loan amount: 70 million VND.

Borrowing through a life insurance policy:

  • For loan packages through life insurance, customers are required to have life insurance purchased from the 2nd year onwards to be eligible for loans. The person named on the life insurance contract is the person receiving the loan support.
  • The fixed interest rate applied for credit loans through life insurance is from: 1.6% – 2.17%/year (the interest gradually decreases from 2.83% to 3.7%)
  • Minimum loan amount: 10 million VND, maximum loan amount: 70 million VND.

Loans via electricity bills of household heads:

  • Based on the electricity contract and the amount of electricity customers use each month to borrow money. The higher the monthly electricity bill, the more loans you can borrow and lower interest rates.
  • Regarding this product, there is a note that whoever is in the name of the household head will take out a loan.
  • Fixed interest rate applied for credit loans via electronic bill: 1.75% – 2.17%/year.
  • Minimum loan amount: 10 million VND, maximum loan amount: 50 million VND.

Borrowing through the owner’s motorbike:

  • Fixed interest rate applied for credit loans through car cave from: 1.75% – 2.17%/year
  • With a wide range of credit lending products through cash channels and many choices for customers, FE Credit has helped FE Credit get closer to the Vietnamese people.

2/ Installment loans for electricity and motorbikes.

In addition to the development through the cash channel, FE Credit also develops the installment loan for electric appliances and motorbikes. In order to get closer to consumers, the installment loan for electricity and motorbikes makes a significant contribution.

Any electronic item at the mall or even at the electronics store has FE Credit staff to support customers in need. Retail motorbike shops or brands’ heads will also assist you in disbursing documents to buy motorbikes on installment.

The application for an installment loan for electricity and motorbike is also quite simple: it requires proof of income and the customer will pay a part of the loan property value in advance or not, the rest FE Credit will support the customer.

Flexible loan period, documents needed to borrow include: identity card (identity), household registration book or driver’s license.

Review documents quickly within 30 minutes and flexible monthly payment method.

Installment loan channel to buy electricity and motorbikes is close to customers, to all locations across the country. FE Credit cooperates with more than 3000 partners across the country to better support customers. Reach customers of different ages.

3/ Open FE Credit credit card.

Credit cards are so familiar with our lives today, it helps to make spending and payment faster. Not only that, it also helps us control our finances better with discounts when paying via credit card or cashback when consuming.

The same goes for FE Credit’s credit cards, customers can swipe their cards for domestic and international spending, the maximum limit of the card is up to 60 million VND and it is divided into 5 different cards to suit their spending needs. use it, spend it on a whim, or use it as a small business investment.

The application for opening a credit card is also quite simple and convenient, if the customer meets the requirements of FE Credit:

  1. ID card or CCCD
  2. Passport or KT3
  3. Proof of income

Benefits of opening a credit card FE Credit

  • Conditions for easy card opening
  • Low annual fee
  • Low cash withdrawal fee
  • Installment shopping offers
  • Discount offers at card collection points
  • Accumulate points to convert into gifts

With many accessible products, such customer support has partly helped to make the financial needs of customers easier and more convenient. Solve financial problems faster.

Explain the refusal of FE Credit loan application.

4 Reasons why FE Credit loan application was rejected, who heard "Stunned"!!!

With so many loan products, the disbursement rate cannot reach 100%, so what are the reasons for the FE Credit loan application to be refused?

1/ Having bad debt at FE Credit or other credit institutions.

This is one of the first reasons for reviewing a customer’s profile. When staff review a customer’s profile, they will check bad debt on CIC . system only with identity card or citizen identification to check if customers are borrowing from any credit institutions, have any loans that are past due or have previously owed any credit?

With a bad debt, overdue debt, the customer’s application will be rejected right on the review system without any further loan appraisal!

2/ Inability to repay due to multi-party installment loans

As for the staff to check the customer’s records, if they find that you have too many installment loans in progress at the same time, the loan application will also be rejected.

The monthly installment amount must be balanced between the customer’s income, the installment payments of the parties and the monthly personal expenses.

In case the customer has too many installments, the system will calculate the customer’s next ability to pay, the rejected application is the one that cannot afford to pay more.

3/ Someone borrows not to pay, take your phone number for reference.

One of the things that annoys customers is that the customer’s phone number used to be a reference phone number for a certain credit debt account, the customer may or may not know the owner of that debt account, but this caused a lot of trouble for customers in need of loans.

When the customer’s phone number has been used as a reference phone number for a bad debt account, the system will also push the file and refuse to disburse the loan.

4/ The person in the household registration of the client’s spouse has bad debt.

The application will also be rejected if there is a person in the customer’s household registration book with overdue debt, how does the system know that? The household registration number will clearly state the identity card number of each person and the system will check all the identification numbers in that household registration book.

That is one of the reasons the application was refused for disbursement. There are many reasons for the application to be refused, but the important thing is that the application for FE Credit was rejected due to unqualified loans.

How to check if FE Credit loan application has been declined?

FE Credit loan application has been refused, does the customer know or not? How to check a loan application has been declined?

1/ Contact staff to make loan documents.

Customers can directly contact the loan application consultant for themselves to check the documents. The consultant will be responsible for informing and explaining in detail to the customer what the customer has questions about.

2/ Make a phone call to the FE Credit support switchboard.

In case the customer has not been able to contact the application consultant, the customer can directly call FE Credit’s support call center to check the status of the application.

Customers only need to provide their ID number and full name, the operator will notify you of the status of the application up to the present time.

3/ Download the FE Credit app to look up.

One of the ways to look up the status of the application in the 4.0 era, customers download the FE Credit application to check the status of their loan application. The lookup software is also quite simple, convenient and easy to use. Satisfying the needs of credit borrowers looking up records.

Can I apply for a rejected FE Credit loan application?

The answer is yes, but there will be a timeframe for applications that have been rejected. Normally, an application that has been rejected after 6 months can be re-applied to apply for a loan again, there are also a few special cases.

Can FE Credit refuse to apply for a loan from another party?

Yes, FE Credit customers who have been denied credit can still apply for a loan through another bank. Customers can still be disbursed in case customers do not have bad debts at any credit institutions.

Experience in borrowing money including FE Credit documents.

What is FE Credit loan?

  • According to the content presented above, we will have a few notes to make the customer’s profile more complete and easier.
  • Choose a loan that suits your needs and ability to pay, including the loan period.
  • Please prepare a full dossier as required by FE Credit, each product of FE Credit has its own requirements, so customers should pay attention to prepare enough.
  • Please check the ID card of the customer has a loan and debt at any credit institution? If yes, check if there is bad debt status or not? Avoid wasting time when submitting your application to wait and then refuse again.
  • The loan application file must be truthful, otherwise, the application will also be denied the customer’s loan.
  • Regarding the reference phone number, please provide the phone number of a relative who knows the customer well to avoid the phone appraisal case.


The notes in this article hope to help the customer’s application rate to be higher, as a reference to avoid the application being rejected for small and insignificant reasons. FE Credit always brings customers the best suitable and flexible loans. The rejection of FE Credit’s loan application may be because the loan requested by the customer is not the most appropriate.

Above are the products, causes, ways to check records, and notes that can help customers avoid the situation of FE Credit loan application being refused. Wish you can choose a reasonable credit product that meets your needs.

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